By L. Vancil

Purple sky on white mountains,
black trees in dark forest,
feeling the ghosts of past lies.
I wondered from castle to castle
on a blue horse with pale wings.
On the lawn, the little girl princess played
with a devil unicorn.

Red sails over pink oceans,
grey sands on yellow shores,
watching the whale-hills die.
I drifted from harbor to harbor
in a carriage of death and old kings.
The princess ran splashing and laughing
while demons watched from the shore.

Green wheels on a rust colored road,
Yellow clouds in a night colored sky,
in the depths of unicorn eyes.
I fled from dream shattered slumber
on the wings of a french kiss.
The princess lay singing and sighing
of her innocence lost to the wind.

Blue crosses on a blood red hill,
night black clouds in a white sky,
shining in a dead priest's eyes.
I stood stunned by the carnage,
on the deck of a land-locked ship.
The princess crouched, snapping and snarling
at the evil of fate and the wind.

ŠL Vancil 1987

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