The Wise Man

by L. Vancil
I met a strange young man today,
at the temple gate.
He seemed to have the answers,
to all the old debate.
With calm and quiet certainty,
he quoted Law to me.
He said, "Seek ye the truth,
to truly be set free."
He spoke about his father,
an educated man.
Who understands the Prophesy,
as just the righteous can.
I want to meet his father,
my soul won't let me rest.
I must meet the father,
of this child from Nazareth.

The Apostle

by L. Vancil

The sun that shone this morning,
seemed too bright and new.
The waters of the river gleamed,
a clean, transparent blue.
I felt the world had no right,
the sky should drip with rain.
I wanted all the world to share,
my grief and troubled pain.
I went into that upper room,
to see my mourning brothers.
Peter, Thomas, Luke, Andrew,
John and all the others.
We questioned, wept, and reminisced,
yet, could not understand.
Why did they foully murder,
this most perfect man.
When two left for Emmaus,
we took our leave of them.
I wondered if we'd ever,
hear of them again.
Peter prayed with all his soul,
his heart by grief was slain.
He feared he had betrayed the Son,
he wept a lost soul's pain.
The women burst in breathless,
and joy swept the room.
"He wasn't there! He lives!" they said
" Angel at the Tomb!"

The sun shines down upon us,
it seems to smile and sing,
"All the world shines anew,
to welcome Christ the King!"


by L. Vancil

She said, "I saw you with him,"
and I denied Him thrice!
Oh! Lord! Forgive my faithless heart.
I could not pay your price.

And at the crowing of the cock,
I knew what I had done.
My spirit cried with grief and shame,
I had betrayed The Son.

I know I saw him crucified,
yet, now they say He's risen!
Witness His truth my fickle heart,
He's broken death's dark prison.

He gave me peace. He calmed my heart,
He showed his love for me!
He said, "It is forgiven!"
Three words that set me free!


by L. Vancil

Slave to seven masters,
Who dealt with me in pain.
Seven demons held my soul,
wrapped in Satan's chain.

Time to time they'd spare me,
allow my hurts to heal.
Seven demons from the dark
they'd howl and cry and squeal.

On the road they saw Him,
through my pain dimmed eyes.
In fear and awe beheld Him,
with many a quiet cry.

As they cowered in me,
wanting much to flee,
I reached out and called to Him,
"Teacher set me free!"

He came to stand beside me.
The demons cried in vain.
He drove my captors from me,
When He but spoke my name.

I arose and followed Him,
my heart was filled with joy!
Weeping, laughing, singing, dancing,
no word could heart employ!

He healed the blind and leprous!
He caused the lame to Walk!
He raised the dead from in the tomb!
He bade the dumb to talk!

He walked upon the water,
He fed the multitude!
When He spoke the storm did calm,
and cease its endless feud.
Then one night they took Him
they said He had blasphemed.
They did not understand or see,
the love that from Him beamed.

On that day I saw the nails,
their raw, unpolished form.
I saw the crown they made Him wear,
its long, sharp wounding thorns.

They marveled at His silence,
They wanted Him to plead.
Astonished at His passive calm,
they cruelly made Him bleed.

In my heart I knew His pain.
They wanted Him to cry,
as they nailed Him to the cross,
and raised Him to the sky.

Yet in all His suffering,
the pain Man put Him through,
they heard Him say, "Forgive them,
they know not what they do."

And when He said, "tis finished,
my soul I give to thee."
In that dark and final moment,
all hope my heart did flee.

We took Him down and lovingly,
placed him in the tomb.
And all my heart was buried there,
in that small cold room.

The loss had numbed my spirit.
My heart and mind were stilled,
for He who taught eternal life,
had on the cross been killed.

We came into the garden,
to serve Golgotha's spoils.
To cleanse and then inter Him,
with fragrant spice and oils.
There before the sepulcher,
the stone was rolled away.
We found the tomb was empty,
and knew not what to say.

Our fears returned unbidden.
We knew we saw Him die.
Who could take His body,
and where did now it lie?

And then I saw the gardener,
who tended this green place.
I asked him of the empty tomb,
and looked upon his face.

He looked upon my pain filled heart,
and with his gift for giving,
asked why I searched among the dead,
for one who is yet living?

"But sir," I said, "I saw Him die
so tell me now, don't tarry!
His face shone with compassion's light,
my heart's own Lord said, "Mary."

Oh joy! Oh joy! He lives! He lives!
He freed us from death's prison.
Oh spread the word! Tell all the world!
Christ The Lord has risen!

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